Top 30 Best Ingenious and Funny WiFi Names

What’s in a name? Every time you connect to a WIFI within a residential area, you get to check the names of the other WIFI connections in the area. Most of them are the default ones that come with the router, but there are also some ingenious, clever and outright funny wifi names as well. Let us tell you the funniest wifi names so you could be the king of the block next time around.

Free WIFI for everyone

This does not seem like a funny name, does it? But what if you find a WIFI connection with no password and strong signal named like that? After you connect to it you realize there is no internet connection! Isn’t that the ultimate WIFI prank, right there with upside-down internet?

Bill Wi the Science FI

Praise an all time American hero ? Check. Others must follow of course. Well, all but dlink-622B.

Funny wifi names on the edge of accountability

Funny wifi names are cool indeed. However using them on a college campus is not something we advise. College dorms are govermented by university’s laws and those are quite strict when it comes to profanity and morality. So don’t go overboard like these guys.

Funny and ingenious wifi names list

Still looking for some clever and funny wifi names to impress your friends or neighbors? Then take a look at the list below to see some of our favorites. Keep in mind some of them are linked together: if you see the party-train starting, you need to get on it.

  1. Wlandimir Putin
  2. Lords of the Ping
  3. Uncle Touchy’s Puzzle Dungeon
  4. BillNyethewifi
  5. notthedroidsyourelookingfor
  6. KuKluxLAN
  7. FBI Surveillance Van
  8. The Silance of the lans
  9. Abraham Linksys
  10. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  11. Drop it like it’s Hotspot
  12. She wants the D-Link
  13. Pretty Fly (for a WIFI)
  14. WU Tang Lan
  15. RCMP Surveillance Moose
  16. The LAN before Time
  17. Routers of Rohan
  18. Get off my WLAN
  19. Dude next door can’t spell lawn
  20. 404NetworkNotFound
  21. The Promised Lan
  22. OneDoesNotSimplyConnectToOurWiFi
  23. Yer a wi-fi, Harry!
  24. Obi-LAN Kenobi
  25. Hide your kids, hide your WIfi
  26. Skynet Global Defense Network
  27. Echo Base
  28. IThurtswhenIP
  30. USE this one Mom

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